I’m sorry you look ridiculous

Amelia and Molly are mad at me. I took them to the local Petco for a hair cut. Let me start by saying, they are shedders! I find their fur everywhere. I’m actually shocked they still have hair on their bodies after a good cleaning of the house. Living in Alabama has introduced me to many new ides, like shaving the dogs in the brutal heat. It also helps the shedding issue so they take a few trips to the barber shop a year. Usually, to Petco… yow!

Take a look for your yourself: notice the body is shaved, head and tail remain the same. Amelia was so embarrassed she wouldn’t even look at me. Molly was hiding under the bed covers. It was an embarrassing day.

So, I bought the them each a bone… to say I’m sorry.

Mission accomplished.

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