Thank You, Whitney

On my dinner break from CBS42 last night, I heard the sad news that Whitney Houston died at the age of 48. She was in L.A. attending pre-Grammy parties. While, the cause of death is not known, yet, the interwebs are going craayyzy.

I pray for her family and friends. Of course, I never met Houston and I’m really just one of millions of fans writing personal opinions that mean nothing in the grand scheme of things… but nevertheless. I will never forget, Nance (my mom) and I cruising in her Mazda jamming to “The Bodyguard” soundtrack on cassette tape.
I thought I sounded just like her when she belted out that incredible note in “I Will Always Love You.” God Bless Nance for telling me I did. In some weird way, I thank Whitney Houston for teaching me you can sing as loud as you possibly want when no one (except your mother) is around.

(A pic of what I never looked or sounded like)

We lead the news last night with the cold temperatures. It was down to 18 degrees last night! We then had a short VO (voice over) on Houston’s death with a push to the Grammy Awards. Grammy officials were busy last night revamping the show to include a major tribute. The Grammy’s will air tonight on our channel at 7 P.M. ET

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