The Great Outdoors

I am sitting outside for the first time in almost two weeks. It is March 1st, and about 75 degrees in beautiful Birmingham today! The sun feels so remarkable. The fresh, spring air is rejuvenating. I wheeled down to my mailbox today. It’s not a far ride, but my driveway is slanted down hill. Wheeling myself back up to the house was tough, but something I plan to do a few times a day for exercise. I’ve realized I will gain incredible arm strength from the chair, but with that, I will grow pigeon legs. I can already tell I’m losing some leg muscle, but it just gives me incentive to work extra hard when physical therapy begins.

My good friend, Ted McInerney came to visit before work, today.
Jeff has been so wonderful throughout this whole ordeal. He is taking such good care of me, as well as, taking care of the yard work and stuff around the house. Against his will, I will blog more about him later.
Here is a pic of Amelia, Molly, and Jeff after their daily walk.

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