In Sickness and In Health


Jeff has been so awesome throughout this whole process. We are a pretty active couple, whether it is taking the girls for a jog or walk… or taking a trip down to the beach, we’re always on the move. I know it has been tough on him to see me in pain and off my feet, but he has the patience of a saint. He’s been so kind, caring, and helpful. Honestly, he did more for me at the hospital than the nurses did. The nurses even thanked him for his service when we left. He stayed with me every night, held my hand when I was scared, prayed with me, and played with my hair when I couldn’t sleep.
I don’t know how many married couples test the “in sickness and in health” during their first year of marriage… but we are learning so much about each other, and I feel closer to him than ever.

I will try to not make this any mushier than I have to. I completely understand the gag reflexes on love stuff. I’m just thankful for my Florence Nightingale.

And, yes, he does read this blog… he might be my only reader so it should be noted, this post is completely against his will.

And, no, he does not wear glasses… just looking the part.



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  1. marthakking

    Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I read this blog…daily! But I'm glad Jeff's been there! HOpe your healing is continuing at record pace!

  2. Lisieldiesel

    I ALSO follow this blog. What's up Florence.



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