Great news! I had my first doctor’s check up today at UAB. Mom and I were off to a bumpy start because I had no idea where the appointment was or who the appointment was with. Not to mention, we couldn’t figure out how to break down my wheelchair to fit it in the car. So, we found this gem when we got to the hospital…

I was so happy to see Dr. Lowe, my surgeon, at this appointment. We didn’t take any x-rays, which I was thrilled about… he just wanted to see how mobile I am and check on the stitches. He said I need to continue to do my leg lifts… I feel like an old person doing them. But then he handed me some great news, I can go back to work as soon as I can further ween myself off the pain meds! WOOT! 

So, it looks like you will see my mug on the tube by the end of the month. I plan to go back to anchoring the weekends, and then I hope to continue to do a lot of work from home.  

Soon To Be Reenacted, Alabama Style

Other happenings in Myerland… I had a lot of awesome visitors this past weekend. I’ve also decided I am going to put all these dogs staying at my house to good use. I plan to leash them up and let them pull me around the ‘hood, Alaskan Dog Sled style. This will happen this week.