Ahhhh. March Madness. Those two words combined in a sentence makes my heart skip a beat. I explained my affection for college hoops, particularly in the month of March, to Jeff like so: 

Nice Cat.

You know those guys who are really hooked on video games? Have the head gear, and talk to people on the Internet…sit in dark rooms playing games for hours? Welp, that’s pretty much me from March 15th through the beginning of April. 

I will look like this.

I will spend the next several days on my couch. With my computer by my side. Two phones (no, I’m not a drug dealer… I just happen to have a work and a personal horn). Chatting to my friends on Gchat (you know who you are)… and watching hours upon hours of college hoops. 


The thrill of the games. No matter how the season played out, as long as they make it into the tourney… the sky is the limit! Almost every single game is jam packed full of excitement. 

Not to mention…. this very well might be my Alma mater, The Kentucky Wildcats’, year! I will be wearing my blue and white stripped socks for the next several weeks, just in case I just jinxed my team by writing this sentence. 

So, in case you are wondering, this is what I’ll be up to for the days that follow.. my the odds be ever in your favor. Sorry, had to throw a little Hunger Games ref in there.