I was so excited to go to Target. Mainly, because I found myself jealous of the people who get to cruise around in their ultra cool motorized carts. With the broken pelvis and strict instructions not to walk… I finally sought my chance to join that club. 
Mom and I ventured out to Target Tuesday afternoon. We pulled up to the entrance and she went inside to get the scooter. I made it into the seat and learned the controls. It moved at a snails pace, but I figured that was normal. Once inside the store, I was moving so slow… an 80 + year old woman with a cane passed me. 
I decided to go down the clothes aisles, and look for some summer gear. And then I had to reverse. The BEEP BEEP BEEP echoed through the entire store, like a dump truck. So embarrassing… but that was nothing compared to what happened later. 
Mom went to buy some groceries and left me on my own. When she was finished, she tracked me down by the loud beeps. We decided it was time to leave, so we moved toward the checkout area… when it happened. My motorized cart putted to a slow death. 
The beeps got louder, and a green light started flashing for assistance. Humiliation. We turned the cart off and just started dying laughing. When we turned the contraption back on, it started to move… even slower than before. I decided this was my chance at a great escape. So, I kept driving, as she pulled all the items out of my basket. It died again when I approached the sliding glass doors. People were laughing as they passed by. Awesome. 
It’s Final Resting Place.
Finally, after several starts and stops… I made it to the fire lane and waited for mom to pick me up. 
Needless to say, I will be using my own wheels the next time I venture out. Epic Fail.