Pack Mule

This is just getting ridiculous

I have taken on a new role as a pack mule. Clearly, I come in handy while shopping. 

I feared for my life today during our grand outing. During our last stop, mom almost wheeled me off the curb. I was sure it was over. Luckily, she caught her balance and guided me to safety. 

Pack Mule

 It’s really amazing how quickly you lose track of the days when you do the same thing, everyday. I have been keeping myself really busy, which is awesome… but I just have to stop and ask… wait, what day is it? … On a daily basis.

nice bone

Jeff built me this snazzy ramp this week so I can get in and out of the house on my own. The dogs have no idea what to make of the ramp, and seem to find a way around it. They would have never survived during the “drawbridge to the castle”, days. 

Look who learned how to pop a wheelie

The Hunger Games movie came out this weekend. Not going to lie, I read the books and am super jazzed to see the flick. Going to wait til the screaming tweens calm down a little and maybe catch a matinee soon. 

Still holding out hope for that red Popsicle. GO CATS!…and I’m pretty sure I pulled my groin popping that wheelie.


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