Amelia has sea legs

I want my sea legs back. Last week was spring break for many people here in Alabama. You couldn’t log onto Facebook or Twitter without seeing beautiful pictures, or hearing about the gorgeous beach weather. 

Our first trip

“Life’s A Beach” in our household. We are down in Destin or Gulf Shores during the spring, summer, and fall months. We were even married in Destin, last summer. Our dream is to one day buy a small beach house. A few blocks away from the water…. to cut down on the sand invading the living quarters.

Not beach attire

A typical day at the beach starts early for us. A nice walk or job along the coast. We usually pack a lunch and eat sandwiches and chips on the sand. But, I kick sand on the seagulls. Ratt Bastards.

Before I kicked sand

Laying on the beach, throwing the Frisbee, swimming in the emerald water… there isn’t really anything in the world I enjoy more than a day at the beach. 

Since Jeff started his new job, he will work Monday-Friday… and I will be working the weekends. We won’t have as much free time to head down to the coast, but I know my cousin, Natalie, and I will be packing up for the beach very soon! Jamming to Justin Bieber, tops down, picking up tricks and hoes… Just seeing if you’re paying attention.

Did not see this at the beach (Thankfully)

Once I get my sea legs back, It’s On!