After a long morning at UAB, x-rays, and blood work… I received some wonderful news from Dr. Lowe. He told me I could be walking again in just 4 weeks! That would be exactly 10 weeks after my accident. The recovery time is 10-12 weeks… so yay for being ahead of the curve.

Looks something like this

The visit was also the first time I saw the screw in my pelvis. If you have never seen an x-ray of a part of your body, let me tell you, it’s a weird experience in the first place. Now, imagine a 6 inch screw going directly thru your pelvis bone. Yow! Not hot. That piece of hardware will be living inside of me, for good.

Dr. Lowe cleared up any questions I had, before I even had time to ask. He assured me I will be able to run again, without pain… and live a normal, active lifestyle. I also will not be setting off airport security metal detectors… considering my terrorist-like looks, this is a good thing.

Something I had not shared before, I have to get a shot in my stomach every day to prevent blood clots. This is the worst part of my day. I dread it. I’ve been getting welts on my stomach from the shots, and they are extremely painful. The doc says, unfortunately, that’s normal. Good that it’s normal, not good to have welts… woof! 

So, I am cleared to begin physical therapy in 4 weeks with a special recommendation for aquatic therapy… not going to hear me complain about getting into the pool. I spoke with my news director today, and we are thinking the first weekend in May might be my grand return to the anchor desk. 

In more important news…. the Kentucky Wildcats are National Champions for the 8th time! I am so proud to be an UK alumni! Love my Wildcats. 

Natalie and I went to see “The Hunger Games”… Loved it.

Why did this happen?

In other news… have you ever seen anything more ridiculous than this photo? I found this on Pinterest and had to snap a shot of this shoelace loving maniac. This pic made me laugh for a solid 10 minutes last night. 

Lastly, I finally took the dogs out for a walk… Alaskan Dog Sled style. We plan on walking again tomorrow, this time with a camera.