It started out as any normal Thursday. Bud came downstairs and said he had to deliver a car to some dude in Florala. He took note that Florala is only 30 miles to Destin, Florida. 

Keep on truckin

“Pack your bags,” he said. “I’m kidnapping you to the beach.” 

I decided to Tweet the entire kidnapping. This will help walk you through the amazing adventures of the day……
  •  @shanistymyers: I’m being kidnapped, and will be tweeting during. #kidnapped
  • @shanistymyers: Bud says, “I’m not bringing you back until you have a tan between your toes.” #kidnapped
  •  @shanistymyers: Bud: “since u are the co-pilot, u are in charge of the radio, my cell phone, and looking for Hooters restaurants along the way.” #kidnapped
  • @shanistymyers: Bud “whatever happened to music with words?” #kidnapped
  • @shanistymyers: Bud on business: “so, I told him if he didn’t pay me, I’d eat his arms and legs off.” #kidnapped
  • @shanistymyers: We may have a flat tire. #kidnapped
  • @shanistymyers: Tire blown. Inching along i65. #kidnapped
  • @shanistymyers: As Army tankers pass us…”well, how do ya like that? Our own military ’bout ran over us.” #bud
    Kenny the mechanic
    • @shanistymyers: Bud talking with Kenny the mechanic: “am I gettin’ thru to you, son?!” **(see photo) 
    • @shanistymyers: Instead of saying “winner” #bud is saying “wiener”… I think he’s mocking Kenny
    • @shanistymyers: Schwing…. on the road again!!! But not before bud thought I was kidnapped at McDonald’s. **I used the restroom and then just wheeled out to the truck… Bud decided to buy some mutant nuggets and McFlurries. Hence, how we were separated.**  
    • @shanistymyers: “This trip is eat what you want and shut up, otherwise I’m Gonna drop you off at a motel 6” #bud 
    • @shanistymyers: Instead of saying “hell to the yes”, Bud likes to say “H to the Hell. #bud
    Car delivery spot
    • @shanistymyers: Bud: “even tho I’m movin to Alabama, I am not getting one of those A stickers, or those d*mn ear flags ppl stick out their widows.”
    • @shanistymyers: Hey, remember when I told you this trip was eat what you want and shut up? Well, I shouldn’t have ate those mutant chicken nuggets. #bud
    • @shanistymyers: About to deliver this car to this dude in Florala. Or as Bud calls it, Finola. He is not a happy camper… It’s about to get real.
    Bud Wreaking Havoc
    • @shanistymyers: Of course this is where we would land to wait on the dude to pick up the car. #bud **(see photo)
    • @shanistymyers: Bud exchanging the harsh words with dude and wife. #awesome **(see photo)
    Bud is a happy man

    @shanistymyers: “33 DOLLARS! 33 DOLLARS!” bud yelled… Clearly, he spotted a Super 8… “we could stay there for a month, and they have a lounge and a KFC!” #bud

    • @shanistymyers: Someone is happy. #bud **(see photo) 

    So, it call came full circle in the end. My kidnapping was one for the books. Since we lost so much time with the tire situation, Bud says we might stay for an extra 3 days. 
    Or… we may never come back… To be continued…