Kidnapped, the saga continues…

Nice anklet

“This is the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Bud said. He’s finally warming up to the idea of me clogging and tweeting about him during my kidnapping. 

We woke up Friday morning, and the saga continued…

  • @shanistymyers: Bud: “How did you sleep?” Me: “Eh, so, so.” Bud: “yeah I didn’t fall asleep until I sat up straight in the hotel chair.”  
  • @shanistymyers: Bud got $60 knocked off our hotel room bc of a ticking noise, he described as a time bomb. #buddontgivearip
  • @shanistymyers: Bud just handed it to some sales guy who called his cell asking if he wanted a free sample of herbal cream. #buddontgivearip  **(See video below)
  • @shanistymyers: Bud: “like my ankle monitor? I’m officially on house arrest away from your mother.” **(See photo)
  • @shanistymyers: Bud steals cushions from hotel lobby…Lady says he can’t. Bud: “What’s it to you lady, my daughter has a broken pelvis.”
  • @shanistymyers: Bud is finally cracking an egg… He said, “if you ask me to do one more thing, I’m gonna be on suicide watch.”
  • @shanistymyers: Bud on hygiene: “I bought this foot cleaner on t.v., you seen it? It has bristles, a foam brush, and sandpaper.”
  • @shanistymyers: Bud jumps in pool: “That pool is too d*mn cold, not even a whatcha call…man who was in Batman… would get in that.” #penguin
  • @shanistymyers: Bud on traffic: “my God, looks like they upset the circus bus.”
  • Chrome grabber: check
  • @shanistymyers: Bud thought someone stole his chrome grabber. It was found. “Let’s go tell the hotel staff to call off the search team.” **(See photo) 

Saturday Bud decided to ride his Harley to Panama City. I spent the day by the ocean. Bud was really concerned about leaving me… because I’m in a wheelchair, but more importantly, I would have nothing to clog…. oh, but I did. 

To Be Continued…


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