Kidnapped. All good things must come to an end

“Do you think we should take a picture of me and you so you can clog it?” Bud asked me as we left Destin. “I’m afraid people reading this have me pinned for an Archie Bunker crossed with a James Dean. But, once they see the picture, they’ll know I’m more like James Dean.” So, this picture was taken as soon as we returned.

As I was delivered back to my house in Birmingham, I couldn’t help but laugh. It’s hard to let the beach go, even if I don’t have my #sealegs back yet. This little getaway was so good for me. It helped me get out of the comfort zone of my house, and forced me to use more strength in my legs. I only have two more weeks in the wheelchair, and I couldn’t be happier.

Here are some more highlights of the kidnapping….if you are a Twitter-er, you can follow me: @shanistymyers

Coffee Thief
  • @shanistymyers: Someone stole #bud’s flip flops he’s walking thru the hotel barefoot. “you can smell them from a mile, why the h*ll would someone want them?”
  • @shanistymyers: Bud: “I’m making my truck as handicap accessible as possible, so I stopped locking the doors.”
  • @shanistymyers: Bud on edamame: “I hate that stuff. The skin is terrible and it has weird looking hooks on the end.”
  • @shanistymyers: Bud on sushi: “Shana, you remember those little gnarly looking bastards I ate last time we did the raw stuff?”
  • @shanistymyers: Bud on breakfast: You can’t take that to the room! “watch me!”  **(see photo)
  • @shanistymyers: “it’s okay to eat raw oysters because April has an “r” in it. It has something to do with the moon and illuminations.” #bud
  • @shanistymyers: Bud to lady on t.v.: “I wouldn’t let my kid hang out with you, with your kinky hair and voodoo badges.”
  • @shanistymyers: Bud on weight loss: “I can’t wait until I can tell the difference between  the top of my t-shirt and the bottom.”
  • @shanistymyers: Bud on phone to Nance: “Listen, I only have 68% power left on my cell phone. I’m not going to waste it on you.”
  • @shanistymyers: Bud: “Lemme tell u something, your mother puts on a big piscade.” #facade 
  • @shanistymyers: “My mouth is dryer than a mouse pi**ing on cotton balls.” #bud
  • @shanistymyers: Bud on buying bottled water… “well, since you asked, I’m kind of boycotting water bottles with green lids.”
  • @shanistymyers: Bud as we pass Verbena: “I grew up with a big ol’ fat woman named Albeena Shereenie. She was related to Mono and LaLa.”
  • @shanistymyers: Bud calls his bro-in-law: “Did that Mickey Shereenie ever get married? He always had that snot running out of his nose.” #confirmation
  • @shanistymyers: Apparently this Mickey Shereenie was shot twice as he delivered papers in Wainwright, OH.
  • @shanistymyers: Bud: “And Joe McGonie shot Mickey with a bow and arrow. I never threatened to shot Mickey, but I did set off a firecracker when he delivered at Gma’s.”
  • @shanistymyers: Bud: “That mickey did get married, he had 3 children. I bet they’re ugly as sin. Hell, If they’re anything like their ol’ man, they’ve been shot too.”

Bud and I are already planning our next big adventure. This time, we’re thinking something a little more country, with our own flare of rock and roll. 

Stay tuned…



  1. Joy and I a huge Bud fans!

  2. this blog series might be the funniest thing I have ever read. please blog about bud more! haha!


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