Who said this would be easy?

So, here’s the deal…walking is proving to be a little more difficult than I originally anticipated. My feet feel like they have razor blades attached to them. Physical therapy has been great… but I am a little nervous about the pain level.

Viva el Cinco de Derby!
I am back in my wheelchair, around the house. But, I can’t complain, because I am driving and walking again… so I guess, patience really is a virtue in this part of the journey. 
I have physical therapy three times this week, and my doctor said the razor blades are common. I think I have picked up a case of plantar fasciitis, because my heels are constantly on fire. I went to the neighborhood pool yesterday and did my aquatic therapy… the pool is awesome, especially, because summer has arrived in Alabama!
I hope everyone had a great Cinco de Derby! Don’t you doubt that I didn’t put on a dress and big hat…sipping my lemonade (mint julep wannabe) on the front porch, wishing I was at Churchill Downs. I fully intend on showing Alabama what’s up with the races next year, with a big Derby Day party! 

After Jenny’s performance
Jeff and I are visiting churches, now that we live in the same city. We went to Briarwood on Sunday, with our good friend, Jenny-Lyn. Who, may I add… plays a killer French horn in the church orchestra. 

Hope everyone has a stellar week… just think, only three more days to the weekend… and some of you will get to see my mug once again on the tube Saturday & Sunday. Oh Lay!



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