Home Inspection

For those who didn’t know, Bud and Nance are moving to Birmingham. They are building a house nearby, but will keep their business in Ohio. They will travel back and forth for business, but spend a significant amount of time in Alabama.

Recently, we ventured over to the new site for their home inspection. I live tweeted the event, and oh, it was an event…

@shanistymyers: Home inspection with #bud, Nance and the builder. Great tweets to come.

@shanistymyers: Off to a great start, buttons just don’t match up. #bud **(see pic)**

@shanistymyers: “This is a pitiful patio.” #bud

@shanistymyers: #bud is upset over the pressure jets in the shower. “When do I get to talk to the plumber?!”

@shanistymyers: “I hope yens know I’m going to hire my own home inspector.” #bud

@shanistymyers: Construction workers listening and learning from #bud **(see pic)**

@shanistymyers: #bud pulls builder to the side to negotiate some deals.

@shanistymyers: #bud “I want the best patio.” Builder: “It’s gonna cost ya.” #bud “I don’t think you understand. I’m talking cashola, my pocket to your hand.”

@shanistymyers: #bud on drainage: “The Titanic didn’t sink in the desert. Get me some solid drainage here.”

@shanistymyers: inspection is over, as we leave. #bud “now remember what we talked about.” builder: “yes, sir.” #secretdeals

And my personal favorite!!!

@shanistymyers: “I’m going into this gas station and gonna buy some ice cream. I’ll come to the window, you just nod if u want.” #bud **(see pic)**

The inspection was a success, the ice cream was even better!


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