Take a good look at this house. I’m not talking about the structure, I’m talking about the color… what comes to mind? I ask this, because Bud and Nance are extremely upset with the color of their new house. Nance says it looks like a “Christmas” house, and Bud’s words were a little more choice.

The architects chose the color of the homes in their new neighborhood… and while they may have signed on the dotted line, they didn’t realize how it would truly look.

So, yesterday after church, Bud, Nance, and I drove over to the house to talk with their agent. Let me start out by saying, when I was a little girl and I knew Bud was about to get strong with someone… it would embarrass me, and I’d usually wait in the car. Now, I look forward to it… because honestly, it’s hilarious.

We enter the model home, where the agent is working. The agent looks at Bud with a smile, “Hi Bud!”

Bud returns the greeting. Then he begins, “Let me ask you something, have you taken a good look at that house?” The agent laughs and says, I know you’re unhappy with the color.

She continues, “Bud, sometimes you have to wait until the house is finished and the grass is in to see it. It may just take some time to get used to.”

“Ha. It’s going to take some hard drugs to get used to that!” Bud says. Of course, I laugh. He continues, “Either you change the color of the house or I’m not moving in. Simple as that. It’s already bad enough our neighbor’s house looks like the ‘Burbs. But, our house is starting to make that one look like the Taj Mahal.”

The agent agreed and promised to get the message across to the builder and architect. Within, one hour Nance received a call saying they will change the color.

That my friends, is the Bud Way of Business. Case closed.