Shoes & Bonbons

I went to work yesterday afternoon in a perfectly normal state of mind. Felt great, and was ready to get started on the Sunday show. I pulled up to the station, got out of the car and looked down at my feet. This is what I saw…

Not only are these shoes two different colors, but they are two completely different materials. Mind you, I didn’t dress in the dark, and I wasn’t half asleep…. there is only one explanation to this ridiculousness: Pregnancy Brain. Pregnesia. Brain Fog. Whatever on earth you want to call it. Personally, I think it’s hilarious. Jeff later sent me a picture of the other two lonely soled shoes that remained in our closet.

I was texting with my cousin, Natalie, today. She just couldn’t believe the mismatched shoes. I told her I even went to dinner like that last night! Long hair, don’t care. I was explaining to her that pregnancy is kind of tough, because I’ve been doing a lot of running, working out, and eating right. (Most of the time) I told her, it’s not a time to sit on the couch with bonbons. She asked me, “What are bonbons anyway? Do you eat them? Are they candy?” I googled bonbon and came up with this….

After a good laugh, we decided this pretty much sums it all up in a nutshell. Pregnant with Bonbons.


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