Preparing to be kidnapped, again

Not Bud, but should be

 I just got off the phone with Bud. The convo was short and sweet.

 Bud: Hi there! How are you?
 Shanisty: Hi dad. I’m great, how are you?
 Bud: Listen, I don’t have time for chit chat. I just wanted to tell you to  get your clogging material together, because I’m going to kidnap you      down to the beach again in the next couple weeks. Cool?
 Shanisty: YESSSS!
 Bud: Okay, I just wanted to warn you this time. So, be prepared.

 Here’s to another grand adventure with Bud in the making.

 Meanwhile, let me know what you think about “Myerland Reports” makeover?!? You can click on the tabs above and learn more about each subject. Real life!


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