Rain. Light rain. Big fat rain. Rain that comes in sideways. Rain is one of my least favorite things. When I was one-man-band reporting, there was nothing I dreaded more than trudging through the wet weather with heavy equipment to chase a story.

This time… rain has once again cancelled our trip to the beach. It’s just not worth it. Spending the time to go down there when there is a 60-70% chance of thunderstorms all week. Thanks, hurricane season.

No worries though, I’m going to try to get down there at least one more time this year… especially because in just a few short months, I will be traveling with a car seat, several extra bags, and a mountain of diapers!
Bud’s music is loud this morning. He is like a teenager. He blasts music the moment he opens his eyes, while he has his morning coffee, during breakfast, it typically lasts about 2-3 hours. It’s usually the same songs, over and over. Luckily, he rotates the songs daily. This morning he is playing Mumford & Sons “I Will Wait”, Solomon Burke “These Arms of Mine” & Chris Knight “Highway Junkie”. I just asked him what the name of the Chris Knight song was…. he took it as an invitation to come upstairs, sit next to me as I type this blog, and blast it up a few decibels. A teenager, I tell you.

This Friday is the big day. Bud and Nance finally move into their new house. We went over there yesterday afternoon and took a grand tour. It is complete, and beautiful. Painted a new color, so it no longer looks like a Christmas house. They’ve been living with us, off and on, since the beginning of July. 4 adults. 4 dogs. In one house. Friday, will be a good day!

Euchre Night

One of the really cool things about them living with us, our evening rounds of Euchre. We play a lot of it in this house, and Jeff has had to learn quickly. We laugh, and have a great time. Last night, Nance asked Bud why he wanted to pick up a certain suit of cards… He responded quickly… straight faced, “Because I’ve got big balls!” I died laughing. Yes, we have fun.