Some Days Go Down in History…

…Monday, was one of those days. It started with an hour and a half long session with our talent coach. yeah…. 

As I’m leaving the station, I know I’m tight on time. I was going to teach my first class as a Junior Achievements volunteer at Hoover High School, and I wasn’t prepared. I’m driving home and notice my car isn’t steering easily. Flat tire. Great. 

I pull over immediately, not really taking notice to where I am. I called AAA, and then I called my mom, and asked if she could come switch out cars with me since I was running so late. I told her I was at Sammy’s, on Valley. 

For those of you not from Birmingham, Sammy’s is a gentlemen’s club with The South’s Finest Showgirls. mmmm hmmm. 

So, I wait. Standing outside my car, 6 months pregnant, in Sammy’s abandoned parking lot on a Monday morning. Yes, I received some looks. Yes, two men stopped and asked if I needed help. Yes, I should have asked for some singles.

I keep waiting. No Nance. I keep calling. No answer. Finally, I receive a call from a random number… it’s Nance calling from a pay phone. (I didn’t know those still existed). She was lost, and her cell died. So I gave her directions to Sammy’s. She finally arrived, and saved the day. 

I later found out, she had to stop at a gas station. Her words, not mine: “It was a really scary gas station, and the attendant was behind glass and bars. I said…’Excuse me, do you know where Sammy’s is? I need to pick up my daughter.'” Apparently, the man looked at her oddly, giggled, and gave her directions. She didn’t at the time, but Nance now knows what Sammy’s is.
I then taught my class and went in to work to anchor the 5, 6, & 10. As I’m leaving the station for the second time on Monday, I drive under a lamppost and notice I had a hitchhiker!!! (See pic).

Lastly, our AMAZING Zombie Intern was released last night… courtesy of the very talented B.J. Millican.Trust me, it’s worth your time to click on this link.



Shanisty Ireland is a former award-winning Television News Anchor with more than 15 years of experience on-air. Today, Shanisty freelances on national and local media outlets featuring some of her favorite recipes and hot topics from her blog. Shanisty has been featured on The Today Show, Ellen, U.S. News and World Report, Huffington Post, Scary Mommy and hundreds of local TV News and Radio stations.

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