…Monday, was one of those days. It started with an hour and a half long session with our talent coach. yeah…. 

As I’m leaving the station, I know I’m tight on time. I was going to teach my first class as a Junior Achievements volunteer at Hoover High School, and I wasn’t prepared. I’m driving home and notice my car isn’t steering easily. Flat tire. Great. 

I pull over immediately, not really taking notice to where I am. I called AAA, and then I called my mom, and asked if she could come switch out cars with me since I was running so late. I told her I was at Sammy’s, on Valley. 

For those of you not from Birmingham, Sammy’s is a gentlemen’s club with The South’s Finest Showgirls. mmmm hmmm. 

So, I wait. Standing outside my car, 6 months pregnant, in Sammy’s abandoned parking lot on a Monday morning. Yes, I received some looks. Yes, two men stopped and asked if I needed help. Yes, I should have asked for some singles.

I keep waiting. No Nance. I keep calling. No answer. Finally, I receive a call from a random number… it’s Nance calling from a pay phone. (I didn’t know those still existed). She was lost, and her cell died. So I gave her directions to Sammy’s. She finally arrived, and saved the day. 

I later found out, she had to stop at a gas station. Her words, not mine: “It was a really scary gas station, and the attendant was behind glass and bars. I said…’Excuse me, do you know where Sammy’s is? I need to pick up my daughter.'” Apparently, the man looked at her oddly, giggled, and gave her directions. She didn’t at the time, but Nance now knows what Sammy’s is.
I then taught my class and went in to work to anchor the 5, 6, & 10. As I’m leaving the station for the second time on Monday, I drive under a lamppost and notice I had a hitchhiker!!! (See pic).

Lastly, our AMAZING Zombie Intern was released last night… courtesy of the very talented B.J. Millican.Trust me, it’s worth your time to click on this link.