Yesterday was the Presidential Election, with a number of local races and state amendments. 

Election days are like the Super Bowl for journalists. Long hours. High emotions. Frustrations. Confusion. All of the above. 

 I was assigned to the Alabama Republican Party at Hoover Tactical Firearms. Yes, the watch party was at a fire range. Yes, there were guns. Yes, there was alcohol. Yes, it made national news. 

I was live reporting and Tweeting all night from the event. There were about 500 people there all watching election results roll in. The fire range was open from 5-8 for anyone that wanted to fire a gun. We got video of a young man and his uncle shooting their first AK47. The kid got scared after two shots and left. The uncle, on the other hand, was pretty hard core.

Around 8 p.m. a Republican State Senator got on stage and announced the range was closed, and the bar was open. That’s when the party really kicked into gear. I am glad they didn’t have alcohol available while the range was open… mainly because I am not sure they make maternity bullet proof vests. Selfish, I know. 

The NY Times and a couple other national media outlets were there. How many political watch parties are held at gun ranges??? The title of this entry is “Donkeys & Guns”… only a few people will truly understand that, but it is fitting for the evening on a whole.

During the course of the evening, I received two unwarranted belly rubs. Those were my first belly rubs from complete strangers. I also had three different women tell me I am carrying a girl. Interesting…

Election nights are fun. They are tiring, and nerve racking… but all in all, things ran smoothly from our camp. 

I got home around 12:30 a.m. and had the doctor at 8 this morning. Not smart planning on my part. Today was my glucose test to determine whether or not I have gestational diabetes. I don’t, which is good. I also received a shot because I am O Negative. I have gained 16 pounds total this pregnancy, and my doctor says I am measuring perfect. Healthy strong heart beat, and a healthy me. 

Jeff now calls me Bean Pod. And, I am okay with that.