Showering Baby Ireland & Rando Preggo Thoughts

I am still completely blown away by the generosity shown by family and friends for Baby Bean’s first shower in Ohio, earlier this month. 

Our good family friend, Christy Weisenstein, hosted the most beautiful party at the Jefferson Country Club. I had the chance to visit with family and friends… and was completely overwhelmed by all the fabulous gifts!

Thank you all for your kindness… Baby Ireland is going to love it all! 

While in Ohio, I also had the opportunity to visit with Grandma Susie and my aunt Lynn. Mom and I drove up to the little town of Wainwright, OH for the day. Grandma Susie is now 93, and as wonderful as ever. I love her so much. She really cracks me up too…

We decided she was the ONLY person we are going to share our baby names with. Honestly, I was a little nervous to tell her… because she really tells it like it is. She loves our boy name. She said it is her most favorite name. The girl name she hadn’t heard of before, but the more she said it… the more she loved it. 

Thankful for awkward fam photos.

Thanksgiving was absolutely fabulous! We had Uncle Bill, Aunt Debbie, Natalie and many friends over for the day and evening. Mom hosted a fantastic turkey day feast. I love how my parents house has an “open door” policy. Anyone and everyone is always welcome!

Ready for Santa.

I’m now cooking up a storm and cleaning the house preparing for the Ireland’s. My in-laws are coming in town tonight. Tomorrow… we are showering Baby Ireland part deux. 

I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone, this shower is at Nance’s house. I know she has been working around the clock to make it special. 

Here are some random thoughts on pregnancy at 32 weeks. 

1) There really should be a tug boat horn warning whenever I roll over in bed.
2) I feel like a beached whale. 
3) Stumbling to the bathroom 2-3 times during the night with a chocolate lab sleeping on the floor is proving to be painful: for her head, and my toes. Poor Molly. 
4) I am completely spoiled by a caring & thoughtful husband.


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  1. I agree, the showers are just so unbelievably nice, and I just don't know if its possible to thank people enough! Its amazing how much people care about an unborn baby! And i agree with this whole extra weight thing! Sleeping is so absolutly necessary, and I crave it more than food, but it gets painful. Mark is also being so unbeleivable, I cant wait to take care of him again, I owe him for all the kindness he is giving us! I love your updates, your little one is going to love it someday!


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