Birthing Class & Joey from Friends

I’m sitting here at the computer tonight with a heating pad on my back. I only have five weeks left…so the lower back pain is in full swing. Honestly, I can’t believe my mind. Our little baby will be here so soon, and of course, we don’t have a nursery set up… we don’t have a crib… or some other so-called essentials. But, my panties aren’t in a wad. I know the baby isn’t going to enter this world demanding painted nursery walls. Besides, we still don’t know what our baby will be!

 Mom, Natalie, and Aunt Debbie hosted a gorgeous baby shower for me a couple weeks ago. It was so nice the Ireland family was able to come down. I am so blessed and lucky to have wonderful family and friends in my life. We had such a great time… and Baby Ireland is SO LOVED! 

Jeff and I went to a birthing class on Saturday. That’s right. A birthing class. We were late, naturally… so we had to sit in the front row. We probably looked like the class clowns, so immature… laughing at pictures and videos. And then my occasional “ew” at the sight of what will happen during labor. The real highlight of the class is when someone asked Jeff if he’s ever been told he looks like Joey from “Friends.” How you doin?

We spent a good portion of the class on Twitter, considering it was one day after the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. There were also three shootings in Central Alabama on Saturday… one at a local hospital. Such depressing news plaguing our nation over the last few days. 

We are one week from Christmas. Proud: I got Christmas cards out. Embarrassed: I haven’t started any Christmas shopping. Yow. Last week was a busy one. Two Christmas parades, Christmas parties, speaking engagements. This week is much calmer, so really, I have no excuse not to shop.

Dad has been in Ohio for the last couple weeks, but he’s here for three weeks so I’m hoping to spend some quality time with them. He told me about the V-Roys today, I’ve been listening to their music all night… not too shabby!

I’m also in ultra editing addiction mode. Jeff got me Lightroom 4 to edit pictures on, and I can’t peal myself away. I’ve been going through our wedding and honeymoon pictures. I wish we could relive those 10 days. I know I am biased, but a wedding in Destin and then a honeymoon in Montana and Wyoming was quite possibly the very best idea we’ve ever had.


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  1. Love that you're not finding out the sex! So happy for you Shan!!!!!!!!


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