Luke’s First Month: Mistakes, Milestones & Advice

Luke turned one month on Saturday. In those four weeks, we’ve made mistakes and reached new milestones.

Week one: Luke had a few visitors, including Uncle Bill who flew in from Ohio for Luke’s first weekend at home. We really spent that first week getting to know our little man, and trying to figure out some sort of a routine.

Week two: I came down with bronchitis. Jeff had been battling it for months, and I guess it was my turn. Fortunately, my parents live so close and my mom really helped me out this week while Jeff was at work, and I was battling the cough. By the way… coughing after just having a baby isn’t really a stellar combo. ouch.

I was feeling a little better by Friday, so Jeff and I packed up little Luke for his first road trip to Arkansas to meet the Irelands. He traveled so well and slept the majority of the drive. Everyone loved meeting Luke!

Week three: More visitors and we started venturing out more. I take Luke with me everywhere, and we try to take walks daily… weather permitting. We celebrated Jeff’s birthday and Valentine’s Day this week with a very special party (see pic below). It took some coaxing…treats.. but Molly & Amelia are used to me posing them for ridiculous pictures.

Week four: Learning how to function with no sleep. Learning it takes hours to sometimes get out of the house. Learning that I absolutely can not live without my son. I am having so much fun with him! Luke loves his crib and nursery. I take him upstairs everyday, so he can get used to his room. He’s still sleeping in a Pack n Play in our room… but we’re hoping to make the transition soon.

Soooooooo, here’s what I’ve learned in this first month of my son’s life: (unsolicited advice to new moms out there)

1) shower everyday! Get out of your pajamas and put on some real clothes… fix your hair, and throw on a little makeup. This serves as a triple purpose.
              a. You just feel so much better.
              b. You never know if an unexpected visitor will pop up at your door. 9 times out of 10 that   visitor will want to take pictures. You don’t want to look like death.
              c. Your husband will appreciate the fact that you can still look nice. (at least I hope so).

2) Little Boys Pee Everywhere! All I can say for this one is learn his “I’m about to pee face” and DUCK!

3) Get into a routine! I love our morning routines of feeding, cleaning, and playing. I love our evening routines even more! Bath time is awesome. And, Molly literally lives for story time in the evenings with Jeff.

4) Get out of the house! Even if it is just a stroll around the block. I really think Luke loves the fresh air. With his Ray Bans on, of course.


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