Luke is 2 months: What I’ve learned & what I’d do differetly

Our baby Luke turned two months old on March 23rd. This post is coming a little late… but, better than never.

Things I’ve learned: (month 2)
-The yoga ball is our new best friend. 
Thanks to my awesome neighbor, Jessica and her amazing mom, Brenda for this one! I hold Luke while bouncing on the ball, sometimes during story time but usually after the story is over. I learned how challenging it is to hold a baby and a book while bouncing on a ball. Within 2-5 minutes of bouncing, he is off the dream land. Luke also enjoys watching YouTube videos of JR Ewing. (see pic)
-The mall Easter Bunny is still creepy.  We took Luke to meet the Easter Bunny last week. Even though bunny that lives at Brookwood Mall was friendly, and less terrifying…he is still slightly creepy.

-My son is healthy.
Nance, Natalie and I took Luke to Jack and Janie this week (If you’ve never been… don’t go. That store will suck the life out of your wallet with all the adorable clothes). The ladies working at the store gushed over Luke… after all, he is a ladies man. But, there was another little baby at the store who was the exact same age. She was half his size. The ladies kept remarking how big he is. Back off… my son is a growing young man who fancies the bottle.

-Red tennis shoes are the way to go. 
He likes them. Period.

-Nursery is a success. 
He is sleeping full time in his nursery now. He loves his mobile. He loves being rocked in the chair. He loves story time. He loves bouncing on the ball. And, he sleeps sounder and for longer periods of time in his crib. Luke is now sleeping solidly from 4-6 hours a night. He wakes up once, has a quick change and bottle, and then falls back to sleep for 3-4 hours. Jeff and I are different people. It’s amazing what just 4 consecutive hours of sleep will do for new parents.

– Keep those nails SHORT.
Poor baby cuts his face with those daggers. Seriously need to trim his paws almost daily.

-Amelia still isn’t sure what to make of Luke, but she’s coming around. 
Molly has never been an issue. Since the day we brought Luke home from the hospital, she has been at his side when he cries. Kisses him. She takes naps in his nursery. And, she lives for story time. Amelia on the other hand, runs away when he cries. Hides in the closet for 80% of the day. And she could care less for story time. However… I’ve noticed her coming around a little more during the last two weeks. While, they aren’t exactly best buddies… we are making progress.

Well, two months down. I am back to work this weekend, it is going to be so tough to leave the little guy. But, thanks to grandma Nance and grandpa Bud, he will be close by. I’m sure we are in for some epic tales to tell…


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