Whoa, what a hiatus. I’m not exactly sure why I disappeared for several months. Things with my job changed, dramatically. Oh, and a baby is time consuming (who knew?).  

Since we last chatted, I left CBS42 in September. I accepted a new job at LEX18 in Lexington, KY the following week. My new job doesn’t begin until December 1st…so what have I been up to? Spending time with Luke, and trying to sell our house. 

“Moving sucks.” “Selling a house is tough.” They go in one ear and out the other, until it’s your turn. Here are the top five things said during a move:

1. Where did all this crap come from?
2. Why didn’t we do a better job of organizing?
3. Oh, there’s that shirt I have been missing for 3 years. 
4. There is a lot of weird stuff behind the bed. 
5. Let’s promise to be cleaner and more organized in our next house. 

There are so many amazing people in this city I will dearly miss. Too many to list. There are so many great restaurants and places to go in this city I will miss. Our neighborhood and the warmer weather are the two toughest things to leave. 

But, as a wise man once said… the times, they are a changin. 

I move to Lexington on Thanksgiving Day. Happy turkey day for us! My first day on the job is the following Monday. 

So, here are 9 things about Luke at 9 (almost 10) months:

1. He is the fastest crawler I have ever seen. 
2. He climbs on Molly for comfort. 
3. He yells loudly when crawling into a new room to vocalize his entrance. 
4. He has so many bumps, bruises and scratches from climbing up on everything. 
5. He went with his mama to the beach last week. We woke up on a Tuesday morning, packed our bags and left. 
6. He is eating mainly finger foods and little portions of what we eat. He isn’t a picky eater, so far. 
7. He has severe stranger danger, but warms up to people within 5 minutes. 
8. He has two bottom teeth.  
9. His grandpa likes to style his hair with gel. 

This blog is in a desperate need of a face lift. Cheers to changes!