That feeling is starting to creep back up on me. The feeling of, we’re about to have another baby, what the heck are we going to do? As we inch closer to spring…thank goodness for warm weather…my belly continues to swell. I am much larger at this phase of this pregnancy than with Luke. Maybe it’s a girl, or maybe it’s what Jeff says: “you’re just stretched out.” Honesty at its best, ladies. Either way, our baby is on the way. 

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote. Bud and Nance bought a new house in Lexington. It’s a beautiful plot of land surrounded by horse farms. Jeff, Luke and I are going to be living with them for probably the next year as we get back on our feet, save a little dough, and figure out exactly what we want to do next. Our house in Birmingham is under contract and they close April 1st. Yay for Jeff moving to Kentucky and becoming a family again. 

Since the weather broke a little last week we spent a lot of time outside. Time to take some cute pictures! 

Oh, here’s a cute idea from Pinterest: 

#nailed it