After a lot of thinking, and some research, (HTML codes are from a different planet) I decided to make the switch from Blogger to WordPress. It isn’t really a big dImageeal…but to my 27 followers…yes, I’m not too proud to admit I only had 27, it may mean something. I will no longer be blogging on the blogspot site. This is the new permanent blog.

It’s a cleaner format, and I had the option to grab the actual domain. You are now reading a blog at: That being said, please subscribe to this one. There is an option on the right of this post. I promise I am going to write more entries, especially those involving #bud.

Okay, now that we have that settled.

You know, Luke is a funny fella. These are some of his new obsessions:

– the remote. Which he points at the TV, like a boss. photo (12)

-pens, pens, and more PENS! The other day we were at Best Buy purchasing a TV for #bud, no doubt, so he can watch his Gold Rush in peace without Luke scrburnseaming dah! dah! dah! at the top of his lungs. While at Best Buy, Luke walked up to a complete stranger and raised his arms up at him and started yelling. I’ve never seen him walk up to a stranger, let alone yell at a stranger… who may or may not have looked like Mr. Burns. I thought, what the….and then I noticed Mr. Burns had a pen in his hand. Mr. Burns seemed harmless, did not pick up my child, and thankfully did not hand him his pen. 

-Cords. Phone charges. Ear buds. Curling irons. Just look at this stockpile I found him in during the 10 minutes I’ve spent typing this:

photo (9)

-Seinfeld. You think I’m joking. Seinfeld comes on TBS every evening at 6:00 here. As soon has he hears the opening instrumental tune of the show…he’s glued. When Kramer comes on…giddy up.

photo (13)

Well folks, I have some good news. #bud is back from his travels. He promised he would allow me to post one his 57 selfies. He’s at Costco now buying food for this grand meal he’s cooking for us tomorrow night. He read the menu to me yesterday…it’s a very lengthy menu, but I appreciate his ambition. He said to me last night, “You know what’s for dessert? Luigi’s Italian Ice and M&Ms.”

Yep, this dinner will be one for the books…I will document every moment and report back to you…