Mommy is mean…so I threw a tantrum

photo (15)I mean. Are the “terrible 2’s” just a metaphor, or do the temper tantrums really get worse by age 2? Luke is 13 months old…and boy, oh, boy, oh, boy does he have a temper. Thanks, Myers genes. The more tired he is, the more intense they are. I know he’s just trying to communicate. I know they need to be ignored. But honestly…they are pretty hilarious.

Tantrums all over the place. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Mommy wouldn’t let me stand on the dishwasher door with knives in my hands…so I threw a (3)
  • Mommy wouldn’t let me eat the dog food…so I threw a tantrum.
  • Mommy wouldn’t let me play with the pooper scooper…so I threw a tantrum.
  • Mommy wouldn’t let me pick up the massive pile of dirt while she mopped the floor…so I threw a tantrum.
  • Mommy wouldn’t let me carry around a glass bottle, because I broke the first one and shattered it into a million pieces…so I thew a tantrum.
  • Mommy wouldn’t let me throw my books from the second floor down to the living room and hit the dogs…so I threw a tantrum.
  • Mommy wouldn’t let me open the paint can I was so proud to find…so I threw a tantrum.
  • Mommy wouldn’t let me put my toothbrush in the toilet…so I threw a tantrum.
  • Mommy wouldn’t let me take her laptop away while she wrote this blog entry…so I threw a tantrum.

Alright, Luke…you win.



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  1. Tracy Bynum

    Priceless. Absolutely PRICELESS!

  2. Eddie Bowden

    Poor Luke can’t do anything ! Don’t understand how you can be so MEAN!! He won’t remember this when he has his own 2 year old and you try to remind him. LOL

    1. shanisty

      Haha!!! I know. Mommy can be SO CRUEL. 😉

  3. Alison Lindsay

    You don’t have a “grocery store”, “mall”,”restaurant” or any event occurring in a church listed yet…..stay tuned sports fans!

    1. shanisty

      Soooo true. I have a lot to look forward to, especially with #2 on the way so quickly.


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