Get on outta here! (business with #bud)

A man came to the house today to give #bud and Nance an estimate. They are building a garage/barn/showroom/man cave. Got all that? Yes. In one building. If there is one thing you need to know about #bud he loves loves loves to negotiate. He never settles for full price. Never settles for the first price. And, is never taken advantage of. He’s a wheeler and a dealer through and through. Naturally, when I found out this man was coming to the house…I set up shop to document every move. Free entertainment at its best.

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First and foremost, the guy was kind of sloppy. Came into the house talking about how he is the regional manager and he doesn’t “do” sales calls anymore. He’s just filling in for someone who was off. Okay, cool. #bud just grunted. Luke gave him the radar eyes death glare. I tweeted the best parts of the convo. Enjoy.

  • @shanistyireland: #bud to man w garage/barn design: “do you own the business?” Man: “no.” #bud: “well, then I’ll wait to talk to him then. I don’t deal with middlemen.”
  • @shanistyireland: Man: “we are turning down jobs left and right.” #bud: “well, you sound too busy so you can left and right on outta here then.”
  • @shanistyireland: #bud calmed down a little. Is allowing man to give his pitch.
  • @shanistyireland: Man: “you find us through Angie’s List?” #bud: “no.” Man: “You ever hear of Angie’s List?” #bud: “nope. She’s never done a damn thing for me.”
  • @shanistyireland: #bud: “so what’s your offer?” Man: “Let me go to the car and add some stuff up.” #bud: “don’t go hide out man! You already know.”
  • @shanistyireland: #bud on phone with man after he leaves: “I wouldn’t let you build me a box to put your scrawny a** in. We’re going with the Amish.”

And, that folks is what we call…doing business the #bud way.


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