Bye bye Birmingham


We closed on our house on April Fools Day. Our first home together is now in possession of someone else. It was a bittersweet trip back to the Magic City. I had the opportunity to see most of my friends, which I’m grateful for. We even enjoyed some of our favorite restaurants. But, now, that chapter is officially closed.

Moving is a funny thing, with a flood of different emotions. I cried 4 separate times on this trip.

  • The first time was driving to Starbucks. It’s not like I frequented this Starbucks, but I thought: “this is the last time I will enter this Starbucks.”
  • I cried home from Starbucks. Not because the Starbucks was sentimental, but because I thought: “this is the last time I will drive down this road with Starbucks.”
  • I cried driving to the storage unit. Not because the storage unit was in a great area of town, in fact, it’s quite dodgy. But I thought: “this is our stuff in a dodgy storage unit.”
  • I then cried in Luke’s nursery. The reasons for this meltdown are obvious. That was the room we brought our baby boy home to. That was the room mom and I spent hours painting and making perfect. That was the room we rocked him and sang to him and played with him. That was his room, and now it belongs to someone else.

Birmingham is a wonderful city filled with magnificent people. My strongest memories surround April 27, 2011. Those deadly photo (19)tornadoes are forever branded in my brain and heart. The events, like Rickwood Classic, Barons games, On Tap, CKC, and CBS42 will stay with me…but it’s the people I will miss the most. Forever friends, whom I hope to stay in contact with for life. TGFFB (Thank God For Facebook).

Meanwhile, back in Kentucky: we are now “homeless”, living with my parents. We are starting our house hunt. At 6 1/2 months pregnant, I’m not convinced this is the greatest time…but we are very excited to have our own place and start this new Kentucky chapter of our lives. Oh, and Luke got a John Deere tractor.

Also, in Camp #bud Nance just showed him a picture of Doris Day. She said, “wow! doesn’t Doris Day look great?! She’s 90 years old today.” #bud looked at the picture on her laptop and quickly replied, “my God, Nancy! That’s a Coronel Sanders statue!”

Happy Birthday, Doris Day.

Happy Birthday, Doris Day!
Happy Birthday, Doris Day!



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