Today, we rebel against life’s rules, boycott a lot of things, and celebrate our liberty and freedom to do whatever the heck we wanna do on a Tuesday because…’merica.

-We play in the dirt.

image (4)

-We play with hazardous (21)

-We eat two things of curly fries.image (9)

-We eat the curly fries shirtless. (Luke only) image (8)

-We boycott Maggie.image (7)

-We open all the cabinets. image (3)

-We play with rocks.image (5)

-We attempt to hide the rocks in car wheels.image (6)

-We go to Costco disguised as people of Walmart.


-We eat all their samples.

-We grab the dogs by the tail.image (2)

-We stand in the back of our rat rod.

photo (23)

-We are too scared to sit inside our rat rod.

-We listen to Grandpa Bud’s story on why he’s boycotting CVS because they stopped carrying Pepsodent. Pepsodent has dropped below a dollar so it isn’t on store shelves (22)

-We boycott CVS too.

-We avoid sleep…

but sleep eventually wins.

Goodnight little rebel.

photo (4)



Shanisty Ireland is a former award-winning Television News Anchor with more than 15 years of experience on-air. Today, Shanisty freelances on national and local media outlets featuring some of her favorite recipes and hot topics from her blog. Shanisty has been featured on The Today Show, Ellen, U.S. News and World Report, Huffington Post, Scary Mommy and hundreds of local TV News and Radio stations.

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  1. Meg Ireland

    Thanks for a day in the life of Luke!

  2. ACM

    You need to add: “We skipped library school.”

    Skippers!!!! Caroline sat in the tunnel & screamed bloody murder at any kid who tried to come in on either end. So embarrassing, yet I let her do it because the kid’s terrified faces were enteraning me. Oh and a little girl was looking at C while walking & bonked into a chair & I cackled & got shot a death look by mommy.
    I needed you there to judge the first time mom that was playing hovercraft over her little girl. Every time the kid would pick up a toy, mom would LOUDLY label it & do the sign. Lady. Your kid will learn her farm animals, though why learning cows from pigs is really not as important as you think. You live in Lexington, Kentucky.

    MUST show you impression of said lady.

    Keep play date at Natalie’s on your radar for next Monday. No boycotting that!

    1. Shanisty

      haha!! We totally forgot about library school until it was too late. I would have loved to see the new mommy and Caroline screaming. I’m moving to M-F next week for a little while, so Luke and I will be rebelling from library school and play date 🙁 SOON!


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