Eden Marie is here! (with quite the story to tell)

Sorry, son. That's one package you can't return.
Sorry, son. That’s one package you can’t return.

Saturday, June 14th, was like any other weekend. We played outside. We went to the grocery store. We grilled out. Little did we know that night/early Sunday morning a little girl would enter our lives and change us forever.

The contractions started around 11 pm. I didn’t even think I was in labor. The pain started to get a little stronger, so around 2 am I went downstairs. We are still living with my parents while our new home undergoes renovations. I whispered to Nance…”I think I’m in labor.”

Out of nowhere Bud yells… “Nancy! Don’t screw around, get that girl to the hospital now!” I laid on the couch. Within the next hour, the contractions went from 20 minutes apart to 5. I thought the baby would be delivered in our kitchen. We woke up Jeff…time to go to the hospital.

We flew down the road at 3:30 am trying to make it to the hospital. Me screaming the whole way. We pulled up, and just like a movie scene I stormed into the lobby yelling, “is this where I go to have a baby?!!!” The poor Barney Fife at the security desk looked mortified as he rushed me in a wheelchair to the 2nd floor. Once there, the nurses took their time getting me stabbed with injections, asking me questions, etc. However, when they finally checked me they found I was 9 1/2 centimeters dilated. At 10, the baby is here.

Emergency sets in. No time for drugs. A team of nurses rush in. Doc storms in. I push 3 times, and at 4:40 am on Father’s Day….our sweet Eden Marie was born.

brunette babe
brunette babe

She weighed 8 lbs. 7 oz. and was 20 inches long. The exact same size as her brother when he was born. Also- both of my children were delivered on their due date. Crazy.

Eden is now 3 weeks old. We are loving every minute of her. Big brother, Luke, has been very gentle with her. When she cries, he goes: awwww. He hands her things like her bottle and his Lego’s. (Just in case she gets bored.) He’s only kicked her in the head twice.

10369910_651643340113_5827184814588435631_nShe is a wonderful baby. I hate to admit it, but she’s only up once or twice during the night. She rarely cries. She eats like a racehorse. When Luke was a newborn and people would tell me these magical things about their babies, I wanted to kick them.

God knew exactly what he was blessing us with little Eden….I think we’ll keep her.


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  1. I’ve been waiting for the story of Miss Eden! And oh my how exciting! And oh my- no drugs!!! I’m not even pregnant and I’m scared- why can’t it just be easy!
    She is a doll! Congrats! And I agree, I hated when people would tell me their life was wonderful with their newborns!


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