Who ya gonna call?!

Yes, it’s November. But, I want to go on record for making my kids dress up as Dr. Peter Venkman and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man for Halloween. Eden was actually quite comfortable going as a puffy white man for the holiday. She was toasty warm and unable to move any of her extremities.

Luke was none too happy about the holiday, but loved eating the suckers. All in all- I’m hoping my kids will look back and be thankful I didn’t dress them as a pumpkin, princess, or pirate for their first ever Halloween as a duo.

photo 1(2)
Here, Luke, take this gun and cooperate.
photo 2(1)
see, Eden is able to pose nicely with the Ghostbuster’s zapper.
photo 3
We went to the TriDelt house…Luke was shy around all the layyyydies, and Eden lost a leg.
photo 5
Eden was very pleased to be mistaken for a boy in her marshmallow man costume…because she was warm and toasty.
photo 4
And then, by the grace of a sucker, we were able to get one good pic. Here’s to next year!

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