An early “retirement” in Savannah

Jeff has been living and working in Savannah, GA since October. We see him about once a month. Yes…it’s challenging. But, I am no martyr. I know every mom/dad/tween/teacher/rapper/Carrot Top has their own set of challenges. Ours is coming to an end very soon. My last day at LEX18 is April 5th…the kids and I are then packing up the wagon and heading for the coastal town I’ve always loved.

We won’t be in for Savannah for long, it’s not a permanent move…but I plan to take full advantage of every day we are there. My hope is to do one new thing with the kids each day and blog/spam your newsfeed about it. I’ll try not to be annoying, knowing this crew I’m sure much of it will be hilarious and ridiculous. Maybe, just maybe, I will keep up with the task and not fall off the blogging wagon for months on end (as I typically do.)

My early “retirement” can’t come at a better time.


A very sleepy, fried-brained, hair-losing, dark circle eyed, zombie mom

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  1. Love your blog !! You deserve a break !!
    Please blog as often as you can, pretty lady
    Your little family is beautiful!!

  2. I’m so happy for you and your family! Excited to hear about your next adventures! Have a wonderful time with your hubby!


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