Jeff has been living and working in Savannah, GA since October. We see him about once a month. Yes…it’s challenging. But, I am no martyr. I know every mom/dad/tween/teacher/rapper/Carrot Top has their own set of challenges. Ours is coming to an end very soon. My last day at LEX18 is April 5th…the kids and I are then packing up the wagon and heading for the coastal town I’ve always loved.

We won’t be in for Savannah for long, it’s not a permanent move…but I plan to take full advantage of every day we are there. My hope is to do one new thing with the kids each day and blog/spam your newsfeed about it. I’ll try not to be annoying, knowing this crew I’m sure much of it will be hilarious and ridiculous. Maybe, just maybe, I will keep up with the task and not fall off the blogging wagon for months on end (as I typically do.)

My early “retirement” can’t come at a better time.


A very sleepy, fried-brained, hair-losing, dark circle eyed, zombie mom

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