IMG_3025It was a cold December night and we traveled to a strange parking lot to meet. You were curled up in the back of an old Jeep sleeping. I went to pick you up and noticed you had a scar on the top of your head. The breeders told us your mother bit you and the scar was there to stay. I fell in love with you immediately.

I brought you in from the cold and presented you to my parents. Bud jumped back visibly startled. “Oh my gosh! It’s moving. I thought it was a Russian Hat!” I said, “Merry Christmas guys…here is my gift to you.”

It took mom a couple hours but they quickly settled on a strong name, a fitting name…The Unsinkable Molly Brown Myers.

You were a rowdy puppy, but your heart was bigger than the Titanic itself. My grandmother stayed with us quite a bit during your puppy years, and quickly became your best friend. You would lick my grandmother’s aches and pains and sleep with her in bed. You quickly stole all of our hearts.

We had a scare with you on the farm. In the dead of winter you fell into our neighbor’s frozen pond. My mom couldn’t find you anywhere… when she finally checked the pond you were swimming, exhausted, but hanging on for dear life. You suffered hypothermia but mom wrapped you in blankets, fed you soup and held you all night. You were a fighter and survived. Unsinkable.

I moved away to Alabama and you stayed behind…you were my parent’s dog, after all. We got two more labradors so everyone would have a playmate, but I missed you so much. It didn’t take long until my parents drove you down to Birmingham to become a Bama girl like the rest.

When Jeff and I got married he claims you were unruly. EYE ROLL. You lived on a farm for so long, you just weren’t used to the suburban lifestyle. Soon enough you were by his side day and night. Weekend runs and evening strolls were routine and20203_613502998663_486674424_n you loved laying in the Alabama sunshine.

I know this sounds strange, but when I was pregnant with Luke you would sniff my belly and lay on my lap. Molly you were so excited to meet the newest member of our family.

When Luke was born you slept in his nursery and if the door was closed you sat right outside the door, waiting.

You loved Luke with all your heart and he returned the love. Even to this day…

Molly, you left our family after a long battle with diabetes and cancer. You fought until the final days begging for Jeff’s attention, cuddling with Luke, following my mom and dad around and exploring with the other dogs. On your final day with our family, Luke brought his B (blankie) to you and covered you up. He looked at me and said, “Mommy, Molly is very sick…she needs some IMG_3020medicine now.” It was time.

We put you down on a Tuesday. Luke and I watched you pull out of the driveway and when you didn’t come home Luke told me you were at the doctor’s and you felt much better. I cried for two days straight. Luke continued to feed the other dogs breakfast and dinner. He would pull out your dog dish and say, “That’s Molly’s. She has her medicine and feels much better now.”

We still pray for you every single night. Luke kneels down by his bed and prays for Mommy and Daddy, Dee Dee, his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and ends every prayer with…”and please, God, give Molly a kiss.”

IMG_3019Some mornings Luke wakes up and out of no where he’ll say to me first thing, “Mommy! Molly is downstairs! She is outside playing and feels so much better!” I take a deep breath and I tell him Molly is in Heaven now. He tells me, “You’re right mom. Molly is in Heaven.” But I can’t help but smile because I know you visited him in his sleep.

You gave that little boy so much love and joy. Your picture is framed in his room. My promise to you, Molly, is that you will live in our hearts forever. The Unsinkable Molly Brown Myers. Unsinkable, you are…and unforgettable you will remain.