Seriously though, don’t you just love your friends on social media who have a better life than you and can’t wait to post about it?

I shared an article earlier today on Facebook, and suddenly realized people might actually think I am serious about my humble brag. Or worse, the people who are guilty of humble brags and can’t find the humor in it. So I decided to write some of my own. These are 10 personal experiences that made me literally step back and go, Man! I am awesome, and so is my life!

I’ve included EDITOR’S NOTES. That’s the part your awesome friends are too awesome to share. Here goes:

1. Last night I made my kids “ice cream”. It was a yummy concoction of strawberries, banana, nonfat Greek yogurt, spinach, peanut butter and a little honey. They ate it like champs! ‪#‎HealthyKids #‎OopsIForgotTheKale‬ ‪#‎SillyMommy‬

EDITOR’S NOTE: I then spent an hour cleaning up vomit from the bed, floorboard, carpet, woodwork, toilet, bathtub, cabinets, my son’s belly button and my daughter’s feet. ‪#UpstairsStillSmellsLikeStrawberries #Blessed

2. My daughter is ready to potty train! Can you believe at 1 she tells me “pee” and “poop” she even points to the potty and says “potty”! #ShesOnly1 #SmartyPants #Blessed

EDITOR’S NOTE: She also can reach her hand in her diaper and show me the proof. It makes me gag and her scream bloody murder. #PoopyPants #StickingToDiapers

3. For Lent this year I am giving up Facebook. So long, friends! #40days #Catholic #Lent #MissMe

EDITOR’S NOTE: I will still be stalking you all in secrecy and texting people about what I saw. #40days #Catholic #Lent #Sneaky

4. OMG! My husband is the very BEST husband in the entire world!!!! #SorryNotSorry #SoLucky #SoBlessed

EDITOR’S NOTE: I’m suddenly drawing a blank as to why my husband is better than yours. But I know he is! #HesTheBEST

5. My son can sing all the words to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Miles from Tomorrowland, Paw Patrol and Little Einsteins. #Talent #SingsLikeABird #LittleEinstein

EDITOR’S NOTE: He’s a junky. He watches hours of all of these shows so I can get some work done. #SingsLikeADyingCat #StillBlessed

6. My kids can dress themselves! I know, it’s so weird. I can’t believe how independent they are. I guess I’m doing something right. LOL. #Independent #ProudMommy #Blessed

EDITOR’S NOTE: They can also undress themselves. And they do it on the reg. I can’t tell you how many times I have opened the front door yelling at the top of my lungs, “SON, PUT YOUR PANTS ON! DAUGHTER, LADIES WEAR SHIRTS!” #Independent #IScareTheNeighbors #TheyScareTheNeighbors

7. Happy Valentine’s Day! OMG! These roses smell incredible! Why doesn’t Facebook have a smell feature? LOL. #LuckyLady #SoInLove #MyBetterHalf #Bae

EDITOR’S NOTE: My dad bought me the roses. #truth

8. Summer is right around the corner! Time to grab that Kale Salad and do some extra cardio! #Determined #BeachBod #HotMama

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sure, I’ll take some Kale but give me an extra topping of cheese. Does chasing after my half naked kids count as cardio? #Duh #BeachBodsCanSuckIt #CheeseIsBetterThanKale #MomButt

9. Wow! I got so much accomplished today. I can’t believe it’s only noon. Now it’s time to put the kids to bed for their 3 hour nap and enjoy some “Me” time. #RoutinesMatter #WhoSaysParentingIsHardWork

EDITOR’S NOTE: Today I changed diapers, fed the kids some cereal, cleaned up the kitchen, fixed a semi truck, played referee, hid out in my bathroom while my kids fought over a toy, washed the same load of laundry 3 times because I kept forgetting to dry it, reheated my coffee 5 times, drove around BEGGING my kids to nap, bribed them to nap with candy, decided candy wasn’t a good way to bribe them, took a walk instead, turned on the TV, and brushed my teeth at 2 pm. #SuperWoman #Accomplished #NoNaps

10. Daddy came home from work early to surprise us and snapped this fun picture of us when he walked in the door! #GoodThingDinnerIsReady #DressedToImpress #WeLoveSurprises #BestDaddy #EvenBetterHubby (see below. LOL!)


EDITOR’S NOTE: My husband did come home early to surprise us and found us in our natural habitat. #Isurrender (See Below.)



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Shanisty Ireland is a former award-winning Television News Anchor with more than 15 years of experience on-air. Today, Shanisty freelances on national and local media outlets featuring some of her favorite recipes and hot topics from her blog. Shanisty has been featured on The Today Show, Ellen, U.S. News and World Report, Huffington Post, Scary Mommy and hundreds of local TV News and Radio stations.

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  1. Renee

    OMG! Can’t. Stop. Laughing.
    #thisismylife #exceptmydaughterdoesnttalk

    1. Shanisty

      #ImJealousOfYourNaptime … that’s when I was walking them to the park begging them to nap. I also am in love with #wine30 #wewin

  2. TheDaddyBlitz

    LO-freakin’-L. You nailed it.

    1. Shanisty

      #nailedit #blessed

  3. Barbara Fisher

    That was really cute and funny. Loved the picture of the perfect family contrasted with real life.

    1. Shanisty

      haha! Thank you.

  4. Ashley

    Hahahaaaa, this is hilarious

    1. Shanisty


  5. Tracy Atwood

    This is me all year.

  6. Tracy Atwood

    Sorry… I mean, the last picture is. 😀

    1. Shanisty

      haha. YES!


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