If you haven’t heard…I am pregnant with baby #3, 23 weeks along to be exact. I’ve been asked a lot if it was planned. Eh, are any pregnancies really planned?! Needless to say, we are excited and now that I’ve hit the halfway mark it’s starting to feel real.

I’ve been wanting to write about pregnancy style for awhile. *All men clicking off now* Ladies, are you still with me? Good!

Here’s the skinny, er, or the not so skinny (in my case) on it…pregnancy clothes are hard to find. Scratch that, quality pregnancy clothes are hard to find. You’d think by now I would have a “basic mom at Target shopping cart sized” stockpile of pregnancy clothes, but I don’t. Why? Because many lines are expensive and cheaply made.

So I’m doing two things differently with this little baby.

1. I’m wearing the crap out of my normal clothes until they burst at the seams. The other day, I was standing in the pantry, two hands deep in my not-so-secret cookie stash, when Luke looked at me goes: “mommy, you big and that baby is HUNGRY!”

2. I’m buying everything baby bump wise online. One of my absolute FAVORITES is PinkBlush.

PinkBlush is affordable, they are always running promotions and sales, the clothes are great quality, annnnd they have a massive selection! Not to mention, they sell clothes for the not-so-preg-for-days ladies too. The maxi I’m wearing in the photos is to die for. We took these pictures on a 90 degree day with humidity (yes, my hair looks ratty) but I wasn’t sweating! I also have trouble finding maxis that fit me, since I’m 5’9…but this one fits perfectly. The Lavender Lace Maternity Dress is super comfortable. I’ve work it to two weddings this season, also perfect for date night (if you have a moment to have one.).

I’m super excited they’ve chosen to partner with me for a $75 gift card GIVEAWAY for one of you!

To enter: head over to my INSTAGRAM page, there you’ll find all the details. Contest ends 7/9 at 10 pm EST. A winner will be notified shortly after.

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I can’t wait for y’all to see what the fuss is about.


PinkBlush Black Mocha Damask Bottom Maternity Maxi – I think you get a LOT bigger a LOT faster with baby #3


PinkBlush Lavender Lace Maternity Dress – My two escorts sporting Kitty Cat shoes & Toms

on the farm 3

On the farm with the PinkBlush Black Mocha Damask Bottom Maternity Dress and my two barnacles.


PinkBlush Lavender Lace Maternity Dress – No, I don’t think most pregnant women wear heels. My feet hurt for 2 days after this evening out. #fatfeet


One more! Side note, kids do not like it when moms swing with them instead of push them.

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