Luke Explains Golf and MANY Other Things

This was my first time in front of a “camera” in 18 months! Thank goodness my son stole the show, because I completely lost my train of thought a couple times. #rookie

I’ve never used the Facebook Live feature before but I’ve stalked other friend’s live streams. Although, I really didn’t have anything groundbreaking to share…my son sure did.

In this video, Luke explains the game of golf (his first love), talks about his Grandpa Bud and chews some nasty gum. Warning! This is (quite possibly) the longest FB Live ever, but we might experiment with it again soon. So fun!

I promise next time I’ll remember why I decided to hit the “live” button in the first place.

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Shanisty is a former award winning journalist who left the news business to chase her rug rats for a living. She shares real, raw and personable stories focusing on the ups and downs of parenting. Sign up to never miss a post!

2 thoughts on “Luke Explains Golf and MANY Other Things

  1. I enjoyed watching your live FB With your very smart son Luke. It was very entertaining in his view of golf. Being a avid golfer myself, Luke and I share a lot of the same thoughts on how you should play the game….LOL!!!

    Thanks again for sharing a little window or your world with us….

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