Naming a child ain’t easy. There are so many ridiculous things to take into consideration. To name a few:

  • Does the name rhyme with fart, fat, whale, skunk, pig, or anything else the kids will pick up on the playground.
  • Are you okay with the nickname? Growing up Shanisty, I was called Shan a lot. Rhymes with Man. I hated it. Still not a huge fan, but it’s too late now. My playground days are long gone.
  • Who do you know with the name? Do you like them?
  • Who does your spouse know with the name? Do they like them?
  • If it’s a family name, will people be pissed you stole it?
  • Speaking of family, when you have large families like ours…do you have a brother, sister, cousin, great-aunt with the name?
  • Does it fit well with your last name? Staying away from Irish names here.
  • Does it fit well with the middle name?
  • Does your family approve of the name? This is why we keep our names (mostly) secret. We don’t need anyone’s opinions. No time for dat.
  • Is the name gender neutral? Are you okay with that?

If you’re not finding out the gender (us) you’ll need a boy name and a girl name.  That’s where you come in! We have a girl name, it’s set. But boy names are difficult. Our oldest son is Luke, so we like strong traditional names.

I’m opening this up to you all! If you choose the name we love…(if we have a boy)…I will send you a gift card in the mail. No joke. #desperate

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Ready, set, GO!

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