Hats off to a great GIVEAWAY!

Don’t you just love a great giveaway? This one is so easy to enter and the company I’m partnering with is fantastic!

The Unbroken Circle creates gorgeous children’s and women’s clothing and accessories from hand selected colorful, bright fabric to give it a one-of-a-kind look and feel. Here’s the best part…everything is reversible! So, basically two outfits in one. Score.

My kids had the unique opportunity to model and test out their new hats. Oh my! Do they love these hats. Luke absolutely loved the airplanes and gecko designs (he thinks they’re dinosaurs). Eden loved the pink side (no shocker there) and the bow is so cute on either fabric.

What’s really great about these hats, they are made with 100% preshrunk cotton…which is awesome…because, we have already had to wash them! That’s right, the kids wore them while fishing at Nan and Grandpa’s house and got caught in a rain storm. Lucky for us, they didn’t shrink or fade. BONUS!

So then it was picture time. And after picture time, it was Popsicle time. I am not sure if I’m the worst mother in the world or the best, but this was the first time they’ve had a Popsicle. To make up for lost time they ate 3 each and then we got ice cream.

By the way, I’m giving away a FREE hat from The Unbroken Circle and it’s super duper easy to enter…see details here on my INSTAGRAM account! I’ll announce a winner on Saturday, August 20th. Good Luck!

In the meantime, enjoy these snaps and please find The Unbroken Circle on Instagram and Facebook and give them a LIKE.


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Shanisty is a former award winning journalist who left the news business to chase her rug rats for a living. She shares real, raw and personable stories focusing on the ups and downs of parenting. Sign up to never miss a post!

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