*GIVEAWAY* Shoes from Duchess & Fox Footwear! (For the love of fall)

There is something so refreshing about fall. The air is crisp and it’s finally acceptable to start pulling out jeans, flannels and BOOTS! Oh, the boots.

Is there anything cuter than little kids in boots? Maybe moccasins, maybe. But back to boots.

I found Duchess and Fox Footwear (formally Nixon’s Nook) about a year ago from an Instagram loop giveaway. I ordered my first pair of moccs and denim for the kids and was immediately hooked.

The shoes I have ordered through this company have lasted two full years (I like to order larger sizes) handmade with real leather by a mom just like so many of us.

Her newest boot design comes in various colors, and has me swooning. I am SO SO excited to partner with this awesome small shop to giveaway a FREE pair of shoes ($40 value) to one lucky follower.

Check out my Instagram post for details here! Contest ends Friday, September 16th at 8 PM EST. A winner will be notified shortly after.

In the meantime, here is some Eden boot spam. Oy!

Kids ate more apples than they picked.
Would you believe me if I told you Luke took this picture??
Eden boots .jpg
She looks like my Grandma Susie here.
pout .jpg
She looks like me here.
Luke and Eden 2 .jpg
And Luke, because he’s awesome.
last year .jpg
And one more in last year’s fringe boots…which she still wears almost daily.


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Shanisty is a former award winning journalist who left the news business to chase her rug rats for a living. She shares real, raw and personable stories focusing on the ups and downs of parenting. Sign up to never miss a post!

2 thoughts on “*GIVEAWAY* Shoes from Duchess & Fox Footwear! (For the love of fall)

  1. I ❤️ your style! Free-spirited, fun & easy going. I have no style. 😳 So I can’t pass that along to my 👭!

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