Ireland Circus (9/12-9/16)

Week 32 pregs

Started prenatal yoga. I’ve never taken a yoga class before in my life, but I really need zen. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. Is zen even a verb? I enjoyed class, but am totally the old fart there. I am the only person in class not on their first pregnancy and the only one about to drop a babe at any moment.

It reminds me of how naive I was with my first pregnancy. Running until I was about 25 weeks, going for daily walks, eating healthy, planning the nursery, baby showers, a registry. Oh, how I’d kill for another registry. I guess naive isn’t the right word, I was just more focused on my health and the baby. Which is why I’m trying to eat clean and workout these last few weeks. Day 2 of working out and I am ridiculously sore in questionable places.

Luke’s preschool

Luke started preschool 2 weeks ago. He’s cried everyday I’ve dropped him off, but his tears have lessoned with each school day and when I pick him up his teachers tell me he did just fine and is adjusting well. My kids have never gone to daycare or had a babysitter that wasn’t a family member. Weird? Probably. So school is a REALLY BIG DEAL.

I’m totally that mom prying information out of him on the reg, which he constantly tells me: “I DON’T KNOW!”

Me- Did you learn anything at school?
Luke- yes.
Me- What did you learn?
Luke- I DON’T KNOW!!!

So, I’m open to suggestions for a better prying method as I try to figure out if my kid is surviving alright. In the meantime, Luke will continue to make his little sister very jealous of his 200 new pieces of “artwork”.

Eden’s new “tude”

Is sassier than ever. She recently has discovered her love for chatting on the phone. I picture her teenage years here. In this convo her BFF just called to tell her what the B down the street did. *eye rolling all over the place*

The Ireland Circus

I’m thinking about changing my blog name to ‘The Ireland Circus’. I often refer to this family as a freaking circus, and really don’t see any change in the near future as we welcome baby #3 soon. 3, 3 years and under. Oy.


Has agreed to be on a reality TV show. I will leave it at that. Details coming soon…




  1. Hi Shanisty,
    I find the issue of “How was school today?” pretty common. This link has helped my friends before, and hopefully it can help with you too!

    You’re doing great, and you’re going to do a fantastic job with 3 under 3. Please keep writing!

    Courtney Marx

    1. Thank you Courtney!! I will for sure check it out. It’s kind of hard when he’s only 3 years old…but I will keep prying and trying. Also, I will keep writing, whether anyone reads it or not. haha. Thanks again!


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