Monday-ist of Mondays

Yesterday started off as the Monday-ist of Mondays.

  1. 3-year old’s feet asleep as he woke up.
  2. Lay him down on his “B” (blanket).
  3. Drag him to living room Alaskan Dog Sled style.
  4. Out of chocolate syrup = no chocolate milk = WWIII.
  5. Coffee brewed without my son’s supervision = WWIV.
  6. Make 3 different breakfasts.
  7. Daughter spills orange juice everywhere = WWV
  8. Dog ate daughter’s toast = WWVI
  9. Other dog ran off to neighbor’s house for rendezvous with neighbor dog.
  10. Internet stops work.
  11. Balloon weights found in basement.
  12. Kids beg for new balloons.
  13. Mom caves, and it turns into one of the best afternoon I can recall in many, many weeks… (hashtag: cheap thrills)
  1. img_5533
    Hello Kitty birthday balloon…because my daughter’s obsession with cats runs deep.
    Dad joined us for the park and an early dinner. (If you ever wondered who my son looks like…)
    Sometimes I just don’t have the words.
    And a football balloon. Every time Luke scores a “touchdown” he yells: “TOUCHDOWN! 40 POUNDS!!” (hashtag: wtf?)


    If we lose this balloon it will be WWVII

    And one of mom (36 weeks pregnant and feeling mis-er-able)


  1. I love your posts, it reminds me of raising our three and now they are gone. So remember and treasure all the good and bad because before you know it, they will be gone on adventures of their own. Keep the stories coming they put laughter in my day! Love, Jo Pestel

    1. Thanks JoAnne! I appreciate it 🙂

  2. Aw, you look great (and way better than I did at 36 weeks with #3)!!

  3. Looks like lots of fun!


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