Hold ’em Up

Monday. Something I never anticipated when I left my career was how badly Mondays would still suck.

I woke up super motivated despite the continual lack of sleep. I had a pad of paper out ready to meal plan for the week, fed all the rug rats, drank some coffee. I decided to check my calendar…juuuuuust to make sure nothing was planned. Sirens went off.

CRAP! Adam had a doctor’s appointment in 15 minutes. I rushed upstairs. Dressed the kids in the same clothes they wore last night, slapped on a hat and ran out the door. No deodorant.

We made it to the doc 10 min late…which, was really something as I’m usually 30 min late. (It’s 2 miles away.)

I put some gloves on the kids. I made them hold their hands high in the air like they were in a bank robbery. I knelt down to their level: “DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING. DO NOT TAKE OFF YOUR GLOVES. IF YOU DO…I WILL NOT FEED YOU LUNCH.” (Calm down, I’d never starve my children. *eye roll*)

They walked into the doctors office, hands in the air in a full surrender. Laughter ensued, but I am that paranoid mom who’s decided the kids can’t touch anything until May.

After the doctor, we ate some lunch. You know, rolled up 4 people deep at lunch hour. Eden constantly singing at the top of her lungs: “Ring Around The Rosie.”

Next stop, grocery. Y’all, I know you think I’m whacky for grocery shopping with all these kids, but if I don’t… they don’t eat. Once again, I’m kidding, but still.

Anyone else sit in the parking lot for several minutes just working up the courage to get out of the car with little ones? I may or may not have sat in the car for 30 minutes before we got out.

We ran inside. Eden spots a pink race car cart and has a meltdown to ride in it. At this point, I also had Adam’s stroller. I threatened to leave, but then Luke started melting down. So my solution, I push Eden in pink cart…Luke pushes stroller. Gloves on. DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!

I finally lather everything up with enough antibacterial soap to bathe a small child, and we shop.

3 items. 3 freaking items. That’s all I needed. 3 trips to the bathroom… multiple collisions… and a kid who thinks he’s Kevin McAlister and screams when he sees strangers coming near him …we finally made it out of the store alive.

I really am curious how moms of multiple small children grocery shop? I’ve had moms tell me I’m brave, or I never left the house when my kids were that young. How?!! I wish I could hibernate for the rest of the winter, but thus is life.

So, until late March you will spot my kids masked up, gloved up, and living in fear if they touch anything they may not eat again. *eye roll*

Side Note: I had a healthy awesome meal planned tonight. As I’m typing this the kids are scarfing mac and cheese and hot dogs. Thus is life.



  1. You are brave. As I’ve said before, I babysit three kids the same age as yours once a week. My adult daughter helps me. They spend the night here often to give mama a break. The only place I’ve been brave enough to take all three is to church! That is a workout, so much so that I told her I couldn’t watch all three on a Saturday night again. Lol. Two adults & we can’t get three kids ready for church without having a nervous breakdown! Haha. We do get the baby for four days this weekend. Surely two adults can care for a helpless baby for four days. Surely.

    1. Oh how I’d love to have another adult to help during the week! We’ve thought about getting a nanny, but it’s so expensive. And, I know I’ll look back one day and feel like the ultimate survivor. haha. I’m glad to hear you have the chance to watch little ones…even though they are a ton of work, they are also a ton of fun. Thanks for sharing Robin 🙂

  2. My cousin who has two kids orders her groceries online from our local Giant Eagle (small fee … I think $6?) and picks them up at the store curbside! Check if your grocery store has something like this.

    1. You’re kidding me!!! OMG. Researching this immediately. The sad thing is, I used to love grocery shopping. Ugh.

      1. Consider click list! It’s from Kroger and $4.95. It’s awesome. Walmart is offering it free, but I just don’t love their produce. Kroger has fantastic service.

      2. I’ve checked into it. Thank you so much for the suggestion!!


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