I blinked. And you turned 4.

I blinked. And you turned 4.

Your curiosity and kindness amaze me. Your inquisitiveness keeps me on my toes, constantly searching for more logical answers to your tough questions. “Why does the sun shine in the winter if it’s cold outside?” “What exactly is a year, mommy?”

You are extremely mechanical and love working with your hands. You recently helped your grandpa fix a motor and load it up on his rollback. He gave you $1 for your hard work. You told me you wanted to earn 100 $1 bills because you love to work…and I believe you.

You love sports. Baseball, golf, football, hockey, soccer. You watch all the football games saved on our DVR, and you choose the Golf Channel over Paw Patrol. You know all the Chicago Cubs players by name and number, and like to be called “Rizz”.

You are funny. Gosh Luke, you are freaking hilarious. Your punchline delivery is on point and your wit is beyond your years. And you laugh. You have a deep, husky voice and a belly laugh that goes along with it. Even if your joke falls flat, you laugh and everyone else joins in.

You are still a terrible sleeper. You don’t like naps. You like to wake up early. You don’t require much sleep. I keep telling myself it’s because you don’t want to miss a single second of the day.

You are not much of a cuddler, but you have such a huge heart. You adore your sister and younger brother. You include Adam in everything. This morning you were watching ESPN and drinking some chocolate milk, and you said to me, “Mommy, can you please bring Adam in the room because he’s my boy and we need to watch sports together.”

You like to tell Adam about all your favorite sports and ask him if he wants to play with you when he’s older. I hope you’re best friends.

You spoil your sister rotten. You do everything for her. You oftentimes take the blame for something she did wrong. It hurts you to see her get in trouble. You stick up for her in a way only an older brother would do. I know that quality will take you to great heights as you grow older.

You are intuitive. Nothing, I mean NOTHING gets passed you. You can smell a mint on your grandma’s breath and will immediately start digging in her purse. You also have a good sense of people, even at a young age. You can tell me certain qualities about a person and I know it’s something you sense, not see.

You make us so proud. You make us so dang proud, Luke.

We pray for you. We pray for the woman you will one day marry. May she be as strong and patient and kind as you are.

Happy 4th Birthday, Luke Myers Ireland. We couldn’t ask for a better son, and we are constantly striving to be the very best parents we can possibly be for you. img_0785



  1. He sounds so much like my oldest son. Such wonderful characteristics. At 15 now, I laugh more with him than I do with a lot of my friends. Enjoy it, Shanisty. Soak every single drop of it in. One day you will blink and he will be 15. Lol Trust me. I know.
    You are such a wonderful mama. It’s easy to see this through your pictures and posts. They are as lucky to have you aseen you are to have them.

    1. So incredibly kind of you to say Misty! They exhaust me…don’t get me wrong, but I wouldn’t trade a single second of it. I can’t believe your son is 15! Time sure does fly 🙂

  2. *As you are them*
    Sorry for that typo

  3. The pride and the love shine through in this! The posts will be a treasure trove for him when he gets older (although probably embarrassing the hell out of him as a teen.)

    1. That’s absolutely what I’m going for! If only Bud would have done this for me…


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