In like a lion! We’re experiencing bad storms here in the Midwest…as is much of the country. But it’s so dang warm! So, playtime on the porch today, alllll day.

You know, my kids are constantly looking for something new to play with. I think I’ve mentioned on here before, they don’t really play with toys. (Another blog in the works!)

I was super excited to receive our shipment of LOOPS Bracelets in the mail. Loops are cool, affordable and casual. There is a large variety of designs and the material is soft, comfortable AND waterproof!

They are American made and maintain the highest environmental standards. They are non-toxic and 100% recyclable. We’ve been teaching the kids about recycling thanks to Rocky from Paw Patrol (eye-roll).

Luke and Eden spent all morning wearing theirs, and switching them up.

Check out their website when you get a chance today!