My kids are hard core yogurt heads. They are particularly keen to the sugary smoothie kinds….buuuuut, mom isn’t too keen on the ingredients. Especially all that sugar.

I really do try to keep these kids as healthy as possible by choosing foods with few ingredients. So, when I received an invite to a Siggi’s Yogurt Nordic Culinary Event…I jumped on it immediately!

The event was incredible. We had the opportunity to make a Nordic feast. My team was in charge of the root vegetables. I may, or may not, have cut my finger and almost dropped an entire glass of wine, but HEY! The food was excellent.

It really is amazing how many foods you can pair with yogurt. We made a pan-seared salmon with lemon and chive infused yogurt and fresh berries. Can you handle that?!? Our meal was flavorful, filling, and we used some creative foods I never think about, like rutabagas.

And let’s chat about dessert… apples and cream, the recipe is one of Siggi’s mother’s and it is divine.

Here’s what I love about Siggi’s Yogurt: there are simple ingredients. There isn’t a lot of sugar, there are no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, and it just tastes great!

Luke ate two cups today. Eden is pretty sick…again…but I’m pretty convinced nothing cures a cold like a chilled cup of yogurt.

IMG_2350lukesiggi eden