These Days

These days dirty clothes are rewashed 5 times because they were forgotten.
These days make-up is applied at red lights, if make-up is used at all.
These days hair is washed a couple times a week.
These days babies are worn while making hot dinners.
These days are spent cleaning only to be destroyed within 30 minutes.
These days are falling asleep in one bed and waking up in another.
These days emails are answered during midnight feedings.
These days are lonely yet so filled with love.
These days are busy with preschool and play dates and doctors appointments.
These days are slow morning Saturdays and rushing out the door for soccer, swim or dance.
These days are wiping noses, butts, mouths and everything in between.
These days are kissing boo-boos.
These days are scheduling date nights with your spouse weeks in advance.
These days are making 8 trips to the grocery store in one week.
These days are taking temperatures and rocking sick babies to sleep.
These days are disciplining the children and then running in the other room to have a good cry.
These days are toys you didn’t even know existed.
These days are coffee. Lots and lots and lots of coffee
These days are wine. Lots and lots and lots of wine.
These days are being so frustrated one second and laughing hysterically the next.
These days are feeling like a failure for too many reasons to count.
These days are feeling like a champion because your kid finally ate that piece of broccoli or used the potty or scored a soccer goal.
These days are exhausting…so tiring your bones hurt but somehow you find the energy to press on.
These days are making money where you can, whether you pedal something online, work in corporate America, or monogram on the side.
These days are sad when you think about your old life before kids.
These days are happy because you can’t remember your old life before kids.
These days are exciting when you get to sneak away for a weekend away from the kids.
These days are depressing when you find yourself missing them.
These days are long.
These days are short.
These days are fleeting.
These days will one day be missed.


  1. So true 🙂 These days are great and crazy and so many other things:) Good post Shan!

    1. Thanks Kelly!!! I don’t know how you do it with twins. You’re a hero!

  2. Even though my three children are married adults
    (And, I’m quite a bit (actually, a lot) older than you,
    I am enjoying your posts immensely!!!! Your children
    are adorable and soooo precious!! Enjoy them while
    they are young! You have become a great Mommy….
    I look forward to your posts!!

    1. Patsy! How incredibly kind of you to share. Thank you so much for following along. I hope one day my kids will want to read my blog and look back on the fond memories….or they may want to kill me for over-sharing. haha. Thanks again for following, means a lot. <3

  3. Love this sweet friend. All of it so true ❤

    1. Thank you so much Brittany!


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