My husband and I recently returned from a kid-free vacation to beautiful Jamaica. I’m still peeling, and constantly scrolling through the very few pictures we took. We were so sunburnt, drunk on love and Red Stripe.

As I whisk myself away momentarily to the Caribbean Island…the constant noise of children playing, screaming, laughing, crying brings me back to reality. But I am happy. Happier than I was before we left. I love our kids, but I loved our time away from them even more and here’s why:

  1. I love to laugh. I remember I used to be fun and funny (at least I thought I was). Most days, I am not (at least I don’t think I am). I’m trying to bring that back. The fun/funny person before kids. I feel like it really takes a lot of effort. It also took some days away from Veggie Tales and Bubble Guppies for me to reconnect with that sense of humor. I don’t claim to be a comedian, but a few Red Stripes in and my husband was in stitches again, just like our dating days.
  2. I love breakfast in bed. There were several restaurants at our hotel. Everyone raved about the breakfast, claiming it was the must have food on the island. We opted for room service every morning. I didn’t want to get dressed and see other people. I do that enough at home. Staying in my PJ’s, sitting on the balcony and being catered to was incredible.
  3. I love peace and quiet. Wow, I forgot how golden silence really is. Now that we are back at home, the noise is still there. Still loud. Still consistent. However, I think I appreciate the noise a little more. I know one day our house will be quiet again, so for now I’m going to try to enjoy the chaos. Try, being the key word.
  4. I love my husband. It’s sad that we forget how much we love our spouses day in and day out. Sometimes I read something or I’ll watch something and I’ll be reminded of why I love him. Sometimes my husband will do something kind, or spontaneous or funny and I am reminded…but on the daily basis, I think I forget. We all forget. I remember our early life together I scoffed at the thought of losing touch with our relationship. I was so naive. It happens to everyone. Just be honest about it, communicate it with each other, find a way to reconnect. Whether it’s on a tropical island or on a date night, I am a firm believer of getting away from the children to remember why you married that person in the first place.
  5. I love my kids. Duh. But seriously, sometimes it takes a few days away to remember this, as well. We talked about the kids some, but we mainly focused on us during this trip. We didn’t even have to make a conscience effort of it, it was natural. On our plane ride back we started talking about the children and how they would react when they saw us again. During the days following our vacation, I have found I have more patience, more joy and more love for them. Granted, I don’t love them any more than before our trip… I think it’s just more obvious to me.

I completely understand this concept is not for everyone. Some may even find it ridiculous that we leave 3 kids at home for a getaway. Many couples are perfectly content never leaving their children, and many other couples are lucky to just have a dinner alone.

It’s been 10 days since we returned and I still feel rested and refreshed. Ask me again in a month and I’m sure I’ll be ready for another vacation…but in the meantime, I am soaking up these 5 things I remembered I love because we left the kids at home.

(Special thanks to both Grandmas for watching our entourage while we sat on the beach and sipped fruity drinks.)


nice coconut.



perhaps my favorite part of the trip.